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default -- mark the default-branch within a switch-statement

switch a+3 
case 1 
case 2 
end switch 

The default-clause is an optional part of the switch-statement (see there for more information). It introduces a series of statements, that should be executed, if none of the casese matches, that have been specified before (each with its own case-clause). So default specifies a default to be executed, if none of the explicitly named cases matches; hence its name.

print "Please enter a number between 0 and 6," 
print "specifying a day in the week." 
input d 
switch d 
	case 0:print "Monday":break 
	case 1:print "Tuesday":break 
	case 2:print "Wednesday":break 
	case 3:print "Thursday":break 
	case 4:print "Friday":break 
	case 5:print "Saturday":break 
	case 6:print "Sunday":break 
	default:print "Hey you entered something invalid!" 
end switch 

  This program translates a number between 0 and 6 into the name of a weekday; the default -case is used to detect (and complain about) invalid input.

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