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label -- mark a specific location within your program for goto, gosub or restore

label foo 


goto foo 

The label-command can be used to give a name to a specific location within your program. Such a position might be referred from one of three commands: goto, gosub and restore.
You may use labels safely within libraries, because a label (e.g. foo) does not collide with a label with the same name within the main program or within another library; yab will not mix them up.
As an aside, please note, that line numbers are a special (however deprecated) case of labels; see the second example below.

for a=1 to 100 
	if (rand(10)>5) goto done 
next a 
label done 

10 for a=1 to 100 
20 	if (rand(10)>5) goto 40 
30 next a 

Within this example, the for-loop will probably be left prematurely with a goto-statement. This task is done twice: First with labels and then again with line numbers.

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