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on goto -- jump to one of many goto-targets

on a goto foo,bar,baz 
label foo 
label bar 
label baz 

The on goto statement uses its numeric argument (the one between on and goto to select an element from the list of labels, which follows after the goto-keyword: If the number is 1, the execution continues at the first label; if the number is 2, at the second, and so on. if the number is zero or less, the program continues at the position of the first label; if the number is larger than the total count of labels, the execution continues at the position of the last label; i.e. the first and last label in the list constitute some kind of fallback-slot.

Note, that (unlike the goto-command) the on goto-command can no longer be considered state of the art; people may (not me!) even start to mock you, if you use it.

label over 
print "Please Select one of these choices: "
print "  1 -- show time" 
print "  2 -- show date" 
print "  3 -- exit" 
input "Your choice " a 
on a goto over,show_time,show_date,terminate,over 

label show_time 
	print time$() 
goto over 

label show_date 
	print date$() 
goto over 

label terminate 

Note, how invalid input (a number less than 1, or larger than 3) is automatically detected; in such a case the question is simply issued again.

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