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switch -- select one of many alternatives depending on a value

switch a 
  case 1 
  case 2 
end switch 


switch a$ 
  case "a" 
  case "b" 
end switch 

The switch-statment selects one of many codepaths depending on a numerical or string expression. I.e. it takes an expression (either numeric or string) and compares it with a series of values, each wrapped within a case-clause. If the expression equals the value given in a case-clause, the subsequent statements are executed.
The default-clause allows to specify commands, which should be executed, if none of case-clauses matches.
Note, that many case-clauses might be clustered (e.g. case "a":case "b":case "c"). Or put another way: You need a break-statement at the end of a case-branch, if you do not want to run into the next case.

input "Please enter a single digit: " n 
switch n 
	case 0:print "zero":break 
	case 1:print "one":break 
	case 2:print "two":break 
	case 3:print "three":break 
	case 4:print "four":break 
	case 5:case 6: case 7:case 8:case 9 
	print "Much!":break 
	default:print "Hey! That was more than a single digit!" 
end switch 

This example translates a single digit into a string; note, how the cases 5 to 7 are clustered.

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