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arraysize() -- returns the size of a dimension of an array


The arraysize-function computes the size of a specified dimension of a specified array. Here, size stands for the maximum number, that may be used as an index for this array. The first argument to this function must be an reference to an array, the second one specifies, which of the multiple dimensions of the array should be taken to calculate the size.

An example involving subroutines: Let's say, an array has been declared as dim a(10,20) (that is a two-dimensional array or a matrix). If this array is passed as an array reference to a subroutine, this sub will not know, what sort of array has been passed. With the arraydim-function the sub will be able to find the dimension of the array, with the arraysize-function it will be able to find out the size of this array in its two dimensions, which will be 10 and 20 respectively.

Our sample array is two dimensional; if you envision it as a matrix this matrix has 10 lines and 20 columns (see the dim-statement above. To state it more formally: The first dimension (lines) has a size of 10, the second dimension (columns) has a size of 20; these mumbers are those returned by arraysize(a(),1) and arraysize(a(),2) respectively. Refer to the example below for a typical usage.

rem  This program adds two matrices elementwise. 

dim a(10,20),b(10,20),c(10,20) 

rem  initialization of the arrays a() and b() 
for y=1 to 10:for x=1 to 20 
next x:next y 


print "Result:" 
for x=1 to 20 
	for y=10 to 1 step -1 
		print c(y,x)," "
	next y 
next x 

sub matadd(m1(),m2(),r()) 
	rem  This sub will add the matrices m1() and m2() 
	rem  elementwise and store the result within r() 
	rem  This is not very useful but easy to implement. 
	rem  However, this sub excels in checking its arguments 
	rem  with arraydim() and arraysize() 

	local x:local y 
	if (arraydim(m1())<>2 or arraydim(m2())<>2 or arraydim(r())<>2) then 
		error "Need two dimensional arrays as input" 

	if (arraysize(m2(),1)<>y or arraysize(m2(),2)<>x) then 
		error "The two matrices cannot be added elementwise" 

	if (arraysize(r(),1)<>y or arraysize(r(),2)<>x) then 
		error "The result cannot be stored in the third argument" 

	local xx:local yy 
	for xx=1 to x 
		for yy=1 to y 
		next yy 
	next xx 
end sub 

Related: arraydim, dim