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draw flush -- clear all prior draw commands


Draw flush clears the view named View$ from all drawings.

In yab, all draw commands are stored in a list for every view. If the window is updated, e.g. when resized, all prior drawing is repeated. If you do a lot of drawing in a view, you might notice the redrawing due to flickering. if you want to clear your view, it is much better to clear it with draw flush than e.g. drawing a big rectangle over the other drawings. For flickerfree drawing consider to draw on a canvas instead of a view.

Note: This does not work for canvas and bitmaps.

Note: Widgets are not affected by draw flush.

window open 100,100 to 400,400, "Example", "Example"
draw line 0,0 to 300,300, "Example"
draw circle 100,50, 20, "Example"
draw rect 10,200 to 200,250, "Example"
sleep 1
draw flush "Example"
sleep 3
window close "Example" 

In this example, some things are drawn on the window and then cleared by the draw flush command.

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