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draw get$ -- retrieve information about the installed fonts

FontFamilies$ = DRAW GET$ "FontFamily"
FontStyles$ = DRAW GET$ FontFamily$

The draw get$ command reads out the information about all installed fonts and their styles.

Use the parameter "FontFamily" first to get all font families. For a given font family, get the possible styles with the family name as parameter.

Use draw set or textedit set to set the font for a draw text or textedit.

dim fonts$(1)
dim styles$(1)
window open 100,100 to 400,400, "Example", "Example"
menu "File", "Quit", "Q", "Example"
fontfamilies$ = draw get$ "fontfamily"
numFonts = token(fontfamilies$, fonts$(), "|")
for i = 1 to numFonts
	menu "Fonts", fonts$(i), "", "Example"
	fontstyles$ = draw get$ fonts$(i)
	numStyles = token(fontstyles$, styles$(), "|")
	for j = 1 to numStyles
		submenu "Fonts", fonts$(i), styles$(j), "", "Example"
	next j
	submenu set "Fonts", fonts$(i), true, "Example"
next i
while(not instr(message$, "Quit"))
window close "Example" 

This example sets up a whole menu with all fonts installed and their styles. Note: It is up to you to deselect old submenu items in this example whenever a new item is selected. In other words, this simple example allows several font selections, which is probably not what you want.

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