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message send -- send a system message

Arrived = MESSAGE SEND Application$, Message$

This is an rather advanced command for sending messages to other yab programs.

The target program should have the signature Application$. The default signature is: "application/x-vnd.yab-app".

You can change the signature for yab scripts when you add a comment in the first or second line of your program like this:
// mimetype "application/x-vnd.myapp"

The command returns one of the following error codes:
   0: Message was delivered
   1: The destination program was not found
   2: The target's message queue is full
   3: Time out, the message never made it to the target
   4: An other error occurred  

The destination yab application will produce a message$ stating:


(The ... is the Message$.)

See the files Ping.yab and Pong.yab for a nice example of message send. As you have to start both, use the tracker or the terminal to run them, but not the IDE.

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