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layout -- Set the layout for all views on a window.

LAYOUT Layout$, WindowOfView$


Set the layout for all views on the window of View$. The layout will affect all following new widgets, but not the already created. Draw commands are not affected by the layout.
Layout$ (not case sensitive):
"Standard" = default layout, all widgets follow bottom and right side of the window
	except for listboxes and textedit which follow all sides.
"All" = follow all sides (widgets resize)
"None" = follow the top and the left side (equals "top, left")

 -OR- Layout$ is a combination of  horizontal , vertical  (e.g. "Right, Top" etc.).


In combination, horizontal is first and virtical is second. "Right,Top" is ok, "Top, Right" is not.

"Left" = follow left side (default, when no other horizontal layout is given)
"Right" = follow the right side
"Left, Right" = follow the left and the right side (resize)
"H-Center" = follow the horizontal center
"Top" = follow the top side (default, when no other vertical layout is given)
"Bottom" = follow the bottom side
"Top, Bottom" = follow the top and bottom side (resize)
"V-Center" = follow the vertical center