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splitview -- Set up the new view and split it into two new views.

SPLITVIEW x1,y1 TO x2,y2, ID$, IsVerticalSplit, NormalStyle, View$

Set up the new view ID$ and split it into two new views ID$+"1" and ID$+"2".
If IsVerticalSplit = true, a vertical splitter is set
if IsVerticalSplit = false, a horizontal splitter is set
If NormalStyle = true, the splitter is 10 pixels thick
If NormalStyle = false, the splitter is 4 pixels thick


splitview 120,110 to 260,195, "Split", true, false, "Box2"
draw set "bgcolor", "Panel-Background-Color, Darken-1-Tint", "Split1"
draw set "bgcolor", "Panel-Background-Color, Lighten-1-Tint", "Split2"
tooltip "Split", "SPLITVIEW"


This snippet from then AllInOne.yab example program opens a splitview and changes the background colors of each pannel so it is easy to see the two suib-views.

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