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stackview -- create views above each other

STACKVIEW x1,y1 TO x2,y2, ID$, NumberOfViews, View$

Stackview creates several views on top of each other. All views have the same coordinates (x1,y1)-(x2,y2) on the view named View$. NumberOfViews specifies how many views should be created. Obviously it should be greater or equal to 2 to be useful. 

All stacked views get a own ID which is ID$ and the number of the view. E.g. if ID$ = "MyStack" and NumberOfViews = 3, then the stacked views have the IDs "MyStack1", MyStack2" and "MyStack3". Use the command stackview set to switch between these views.

The stackview and all views it contains will follow all sides as in standard layout.

You can think of a stackview as a tabview without tabs. Therefore it is up to the programmer to provide a method to switch between the stacked views.

Stackviews are useful in typical BeOS style option windows (e.g. in the yab IDE). Have a look at the code below for an example.

window open 100,100 to 400,300, "Example", "Option Example"

listbox 10,10 to 100,190, "List", 1, "Example"
listbox add "List", "First Option"
listbox add "List", "Second Option"
listbox add "List", "Third Option"

stackview 110,10 to 290,190, "Stack", 3, "Example"
draw set "bgcolor", 255,200,200, "Stack1"
draw text 10,10, "This is view \"Stack1\"", "Stack1"
draw set "bgcolor", 200,255,200, "Stack2"
draw text 10,10, "This is view \"Stack2\"", "Stack2"
draw set "bgcolor", 200,200,255, "Stack3"
draw text 10,10, "This is view \"Stack3\"", "Stack3"

while(not quitting)
	msg$ = message$
	if(instr(msg$, "List")) then
		n = listbox get "List"
		stackview set "Stack", n
	elsif(instr(msg$, "Quit")) then
		quitting = true

window close "Example"

This window has a listbox on the left-hand side and a stackview with three views on the right. Each view has a own background color and text. When an item is selected in the list, we get its number and then switch the stackview to the corresponding view.

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