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calendar -- create a new calendar

CALENDAR x,y, ID$, Format$, SetDate$, View$

Calendar is a nifty widget that gives you a date textcontrol with a dropdown calendar window. It is created at (x,y) as upper left corner on the view View$. With the default font size, it always has a width of 80 pixels and a height of 20 pixels. 

You have to provide a date format Format$ which must be either "DDMMYYYY" for day, month, year or "MMDDYYYY" for month, day, year. Futhermore, you have to add a divider to the Format$ which can be either ".", "/" or "-". Thus, the default Format$ looks like this: "DDMMYYYY."

The SetDate$ should give the starting date in the format you have chosen. Default is the current day, when SetDate$ = "". Note: this SetDate$ has a different format than the yab command date$. However, it is not too difficult to convert these formats.

The calendar can be disabled or enabled with the option set command.

In standard layout, the calendar will follow the lower, right corner of the view or window.

window open 100,100 to 300,200, "Example", "Example"
calendar 10,10, "MyCalendar", "MMDDYYYY/", "04.06.1975", "Example"
while(not quitting)
	if(instr(message$, "_QuitRequested")) then
		alert "You selected: "+calendar get$ "MyCalendar", "Duh", "info"
		quitting = true
window close "Example"

In this example, a calendar is set on the window with an American date format, month, day, year and the / as separator. When the window is closed, an alert window shows the selected date with calendar get$.

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