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checkbox image -- create a new checkbox with images

CHECKBOX IMAGE x,y, ID$, EnabledOn$, EnabledOff$, DisabledOn$, DisabledOff$, IsSelected, View$

This command lets you create a checkbox with images named ID$ on the view View$. The position (x,y) is the upper left corner of the images and the size of the first image (EnabledOn$) is taken. If IsSelected is set to true, the checkbox will be selected.

You have to provide at least two image files:
EnabledOn$ -- the image file name of the selected checkbox
EnabledOff$ -- the image file name of the deselected checkbox
The images can be of any format that BeOS or ZETA can translate.

If you want to disable the checkbox, you should provide the additional image files:
DisabledOn$ -- the image file name of the disabled selected checkbox
DisabledOff$ -- the image file name of the disabled deselected checkbox
You can put in an empty string "" if you don't need a disabled checkbox.

Just be aware that image files with relative path might be not found when you start your program as a script from tracker.

You can use option set to disable the checkbox.

The checkbox when selected will send a message string with ID$+":ON", and when deselected with the message string ID$+":OFF".

In standard layout, the checkbox will follow the lower, right corner of the view or window.

Be creative but do not use offensive images. For icons, try to use BeOS-like icons always. Ask in the community if you need assistence in creating new icons.

window open 100,100 to 400,200, "Example", "Example"
checkbox 10,10, "MyCheckBox", "enabled_icon_on.png", "enabled_icon_off.png", 
         "disabled_icon_on.png", "disabled_icon_off.png", false, "Example"
while(not quitting)
	m$ = message$
	if(m$ = "MyCheckBox:OFF|") alert "The checkbox is deselected", "Ok", "info"
	if(m$ = "MyCheckBox:ON|") alert "The checkbox is selected", "Ok", "info"
	if(instr(m$, "Quit")) quitting = true
window close "Example"

Whenever the checkbox is selected or deselected, an alert window will tell you. The checknox is only shown correctly, when the images exist.

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