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columnbox color -- change the colors of a columnbox

COLUMNBOX COLOR ColumnBox$, Option$, r,g,b

The colors in a columnbox can be changed easily. This distinguishes the columnbox from other list widgets like listbox, dropbox or treebox. Given an option string Option$ the colors can be set to the RGB value (r,g,b). Read the part on the draw set command to learn more about RGB color space in yab.

The following values for Option$ are valid:
"selection-text" -- set the color of the text in the selected row
"non-focus-selection" -- set the color of the selection when the columnbox is not focussed
"selection" -- set the color for the selected row
"text" -- set the general text color
"row-divider" -- set the color of the line between the rows
"background" -- set the background color

Have a look at the columnbox command for an example.

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