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columnbox column -- add a new column to a columnbox

COLUMNBOX COLUMN ColumnBox$, Name$, ColumnNumber, MaxWidth, MinWidth, Width, Option$

This command takes quite a number of parameters. Here ColumnBox$ is the columnbox where the column should be added. Name$ is the string that shows up in the title of the column.

ColumnNumber gives the position relative to the other columns. Ideally ColumnNumber starts at 1 for the first column and with every new column it is incremented by 1. The column gets the width Width (thus the next column will start at Position+Width). MaxWidth and MinWidth declare the boundaries for the column when resizing was specified in the construction of the columnbox.

Finally the alignment of all items in the column has to be defined in Option$. Possible values are "align-left" for left alignment, "align-center" for center alignment and "align-right" for right alignment.

Have a look at the columnbox command for an example.

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