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radiobutton -- create a new radiobutton

RADIOBUTTON x,y, ID$, Label$, IsActivated, View$

Set up a radiobutton named ID$ at the position (x,y). It will display the label Label$ next to the button. If IsActivated is set to true, the radiobutton will be selected. All radiobuttons on one view will act as a group. Thus on a view only one radiobutton will be active. 

Note: On setup it is up to you to preselect a radiobutton. You can even make more than one radiobutton active but this is hardly useful. When the user selects a radiobutton, all others will be deselected automatically.

You can use option set to disable the radiobutton or to change the label.

The radiobutton when selected will send a message string with its ID$.

In standard layout, the radiobutton will follow the lower, right corner of the view or window.

Try to align radiobuttons below each other. 

window open 100,100 to 200,200, "Example", "Music"
radiobutton 10,10, "Radio1", "Classic", true, "Example"
radiobutton 10,30, "Radio2", "Jazz", false, "Example"
radiobutton 10,50, "Radio3", "Pop", false, "Example"

while(not quitting)
	m$ = message$
	if(instr(m$, "_QuitRequested")) then
		quitting = true
	elsif(instr(m$, "Radio")) then
		n$ = mid$(m$,instr(m$, "Radio")+5,1)
		alert "You selected the "+n$+". radiobutton", "Ok", "info"

window close "Example"

Here we have a window with three radiobuttons. Because they are all on one view (the window view) they act as a group. When selected, the number of the radiobutton ID will be extracted with mid$ and stored in n$. It is then shown in an alert window.

Related: radiobutton set, option set