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tooltip -- add a tooltip to a view or widget

TOOLTIP View$, Text$

A tooltip is a small popup that appears when the mouse moves over a widget to give some more information.

To have a tooltip to any sort of view or widget named View$, simply add the tooltip string Text$. Text$ should be only one line without linebreaks. If Text$ is set to the empty string "", the tooltip is removed again from View$.

Note: The tooltips look and behave slightly different on BeOS and ZETA.

Tooltips can be of great help for the user to understand icons or buttons and the like. However, it does not make sence to add a tooltip "New" to a button that already has the label "New". Rather be more descriptive and provide additional information, e.g. "Open a new image file". For tooltips only the first word should be written with a capital letter.

And remember, too many tooltips can be annoying too.

window open 100,100 to 300,300, "Example", "Example"

button 10,10 to 190,30, "Button", "We all...", "Example"
listbox 10,40 to 95,190, "List", 1, "Example"
listbox add "List", "...have own..."
slider 120,40 to 190,190, "Slider", "...tooltips.", 1,10, "triangle, vertical", "Example"

tooltip "Example", "A tooltip for the whole window"
tooltip "Button", "A tooltip for the button"
tooltip "List", "A tooltip for the listbox"
tooltip "Slider", "A tooltip for the slider"

while(not instr(message$, "Quit"))

window close "Example"

The example shows how easily a tooltip can be applied to any kind of widget. Here, to the button, the listbox, the slider and the window view itself too.

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