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at() -- can be used in the print-command to place the output at a specified position


*** requires ncurses support compiled in ***
See Documentation/Advanced for info.

clear screen 
print at(a,b) 
print @(a,b) 

The at-clause takes two numeric arguments (e.g. at(2,3)) and can be inserted after the print-keyword. at() can be used only if clear screen has been executed at least once within the program (otherwise you will get an error).

The two numeric arguments of the at-function may range from 0 to the width of your terminal minus 1, and from 0 to the height of your terminal minus 1; if any argument exceeds these values, it will be truncated accordingly. However, yab has no influence on the size of your terminal (80x25 is a common, but not mandatory), the size of your terminal and the maximum values acceptable within the at-clause may vary. To get the size of your terminal you may use the peek-function: peek("screenwidth") returns the width of your terminal and peek("screenheight") its height.

clear screen 
for x=0 to maxx 
	print at(x,maxy*(0.5+sin(2*pi*x/maxx)/2)) "*" 
next x 

This example plots a full period of the sine-function across the screen.
Start this program in a terminal.

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