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line input -- read in a whole line of text and assign it to a variable

line input a 
line input a$ 
line input "Hello" a 
line input #1 a$ 

In most respects line input is like the input-command: It reads the new contents of a variable, either from keyboard or from a file. However, line input always reads a complete line and assigns it to its variable. line input does not stop reading at spaces and is therefore the best way to read in a string which might contain whitespace. Note, that the final newline is stripped of.

line input "Please enter your name (e.g. Frodo Beutelin): " a$ 
print "Hello ",a$ 

Note that the usage of line input is essential in this example; a simple input-statement would only return the string up to the first space, e.g. Frodo.

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