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putscreen -- draw a rectangle of characters into the text terminal Synopsis *** requires ncurses support compiled in *** See Documentation/Advanced for info. clear screen ... a$=getscreen$(5,5,10,10) ... putscreen a$,7,7 Description:

The putscreen-command is the counterpart of the getscreen$-function. putscreen requires a string as returned by the getscreen-function. Such a string contains a rectangular detail from the terminal; the putscreen-function puts such a region back into the terminal-window.
Note, that clear screen must have been called before.

clear screen 
for a=1 to 200 
	print color("red") "Hallo!" 
	print color("blue") "Welt!" 
next a 
for x=0 to 60 
	putscreen r$,x,0 
	sleep 0.1 
next x 

This example prints the string "Hallo!Welt!" all over the screen and then moves a rectangle from one side to the other.
Start this program in a terminal.

Related: getscreen$, clear screen