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asc() -- accepts a string and returns the position of its first character within the ascii charset


The asc-function accepts a string, takes its first character and looks it up within the ascii-charset; this position will be returned. The asc-function is the opposite of the chr$-function. There are valid uses for asc, however, comparing strings (i.e. to bring them into alphabetical sequence) is not among them; in such many cases you might consider to compare strings directly with <, = and > (rather than converting a string to a number and comparing this number).

input "Please enter a letter between 'a' and 'y': " a$ 
if (a$<"a" or a$>"y") print a$," is not in the proper range":end 
print "The letter after ",a$," is ",chr$(asc(a$)+1) 

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