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rem -- start a comment

rem  Hey, this is a comment 
 #    this is a comment too 
// even this 
print "Not a comment" #    This is an error!! 
print "Not a comment"://   But this is again a valid comment 
print "Not a comment" //   even this. 
print "Not a comment" rem  and this! 

rem introduces a comment (like # or //), that extends up to the end of the line.
Those comments do not even need a colon (':' infront of them); they (rem, # and //) all behave alike except for #, which may only appear at the very beginning of a line; therefore the fourth example in the synopsis above (print "Not a comment" # This is an error!!) is indeed an error.
Note, that rem is an abbreviation for remark. remark however is not a valid command in yab.
Finally note, that a comment intoduced with '#' may have a special meaning under BeOS; see the entry for # for details.

rem   comments on data structures 
#     are more useful than 
//    comments on algorithms. 

This program does nothing, but in a splendid and well commented way.

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